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Gardex Safes and Files Warranty

Certified Fire-Resistant

No testing is more stringent than that which Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (U.S.) carries out on Gardex safes and files. Grueling tests more severe than actual fire conditions, prove the true capabilities of our products.

The tests are carried out in three stages. Underwriters Laboratories first subject our safes to exterior temperature of 927° C (1700° F) for a period of one hour: the inside temperature stays safely below 177° C (350° F). Then, to simulate explosion conditions, the safes are subjected to an instant change in ambient temperature from 20° C (68° F) to 1100° C (2000° F), the latter lasting 30 minutes. Finally, the safes are heated for 30 minutes and than dropped from a height of 30 feet onto a pile of rubble, turned upside down, and reheated for a further 30 minutes. Despite all this abuse, the contents remain intact.

These tests allow us to ensure you the best possible fire protection for your documents.

Fire Resistance
1 hour at 927°C (1700°F)

30 minutes at 1100°C (2000°F)

30-Ft. High Fall

The Gardex® warranty

The most secure and reassuring protection for all your documents:
all Gardex products carry a one-year warranty that covers all parts and labour.

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