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Infinity Model 1.655

Model 1.655's flowing back with its clean crisp lines includes the extra padding required to provide ergonomic support in the lumbar region. The design and construction of the Infinity Collection is so innovative and unique that it is protected by United States Design Patent # 29/141,200 and Canadian Design Registration # 12276.

Frame Design

Our frames start with precision welded, high quality, heavy duty, 16 gauge, 1" square carbon steel tubing. This frame is designed to exceed the strength of industry standard 18 gauge frames by 40%. Mandrel tube bending ensures the strongest, most secure and attractive bends possible. The unitized frame is created by 18 welds joining the tubular components into a frame strong enough to support our Lifetime Frame Warranty. The seat and back attach to the frame with a total of 16 wood screws - 8 in the seat and 8 in the back for superior strength and longevity.

Pew Ganging

When the chairs are ganged, the seats and backs come together to create a continuous upholstered 'pew'. You can sit comfortably across two chairs providng a real 'pew' effect. Ganging is included as standard on every Infinity chair.

Seat Design

Our exclusive Rolled-Front seat design maximizes comfort and minimizes fatigue. The rolled front design eliminates wood or metal from digging into the backs of your legs, allowing for improved circulation and comfort to help you relax and enjoy.

The Engineered Duo-Foam construction has revolutionized seating comfort and inreased the longevity of the foam seat. The bottom layer of foam has a density of 4.0 lbs. for superior durability and support while the top layer of high density 2.2 lb. virgin polyurethane foam provides the 'comfort zone'.

The Infinity's seat increases the return on your seating investment by prolonging the life of your seats far beyond that of premium single piece polyurethane foams alone. We are so confident in this design's quality and longevity that we back it with a 10 Year Warranty on the seat and back construction.

Lumbar Back

The Ergonomic Lumbar Support provides the greatest level of comfort for your back. Unlike other chair manufacturers, we don't cut corners, end the foam halfway down the back and call it a 'built-in' lumbar support. We insert a foam support to ensure the curve of your back has the proper support when seated, resulting in maximal comfort for your upper and lower back.

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