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Lincora - KMI Lateral Files & Storage Cabinets

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You would like to file your folders, technical reports, printed or even outsized documents?

You want a safe place for your specialized and expensive material, or you simply want to store your office supplies and personal belongings?

We have a custom-made filing cabinet that will meet your requirements.

To finish up the designing of an office while enjoying a nice storage space, our filing systems are perfect. Set back to back, our cabinets will beautifully divide your working space.

Slide them under your working table and they'll save you time and space. They can also be used as extra working surfaces.

Indedd, the KMI system allow you to do all this, and with style!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Filing systems are more specialized, more aesthetic and more practical than ever. The most extravangant colours are back in style, the functional file cabinet is reinstated in the office and becomes a key element in the interior design.

The era of cabinets that creak, twist, wobble, or jam is over. No more noisy metal or unidirectional doors.

An efficient filing cabinet is an essential tool that holds up very heavy charges. One must be able to open it or lock it easily and in complete safety: elegant, upright, sturdy, and above all, always effective and practical.

The KMI filing cabinet is here to serve you without restriction and give you full satisfaction! Guaranteed.

Levellers easy to adjust from inside

Double-action locking mechanism

Standard general lock with retractable cylinder

Accessories for lateral or front-to-back filing of all size documents

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