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NPSC 1300 Triple- Brace Upholstered Folding Chair

Model 1301
Beige Vinyl with Beige Frame

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Most upholstered folding chairs only have part of the seat upholstered, and the back isn't even upholstered. On our chair the entire seat and back are upholstered.

Model 1300 comes with all the features people have come to expect from NPSC: double hinges, double contoured back, three U-shaped riveted cross braces, non-marring glides and V tip stability caps. Our vinyl is a heavy-duty 19mm vinyl wrapped over 1¼ foam.

These chairs are shipped fully assembled from Mobile, AL, or Ontario, CA.

Colour Combinations

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Frame Colour
Frame Colour
Upholstery Colour
Upholstery Colour


Model # Frame Colour Upholstery Colour



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Due to fluctuating currency rates, please inquire for Canadian pricing.

Model # Weight Pack Material Price ($US) Price ($CAN)
1300 Vinyl Upholstered
Premium Folding Chair
Triple-Brace, Double-Hinge
14 lbs. 4 Vinyl $23.56 $---

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